19 Juni 2008

O : so, alfred... ready to give your report this week?
A : yes... eee.... i check some villages...eee...that our babis is gone.
O : gone? what do you mean by gone?
A : yes... gone... gone, sir... is dead!
O : aahh... yes. oh no! they're all dead? how many left?
A : eee... according to our babi groups, only 8 babis left...
O : WHAT? out of 40?! what happened to all those pigs??!
A : definitely babi voodoo, sir...

*silent for 3 seconds*


O : ok... ok... enough... voodoo, eh? do you believe that, alfred?
A : according to the villagers, sir... it's babi voodoo


O : how about the kambing? (starting to follow alfred)
Us: Kambings, obie... plural..
O : oh yes, kambings... how about them?
A : Dead too, sir!
O : don't tell me that the SAPIS are dead too, alfred!
A : the sapis is only one..
A : noooooo..... only one dead, sir... relax... relax...
O : good lord... i'm just survived from malaria but then these livestocks news can bring me back to hospital's bed...

Saya ngakak abis baca postingan temen saya ini di mp nya *oh, dan kaliyan yang bukan contactnya gak bisa baca, makanya saya repost disini*
Dan ini real story yang terjadi di sub office mantan kantor saya di NTT sana

*di repost seizin yang punya tentunya*

babi vodoo = santet babi. Jadi mereka percaya kalo babi yang pada mati itu adalah hasil santet orang-orang yang iri. Kambing juga disantet. Sapi doang yang enggak.

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