15 April 2011

There are times

where the sound of Tante Meri cooking makes me miss the chatting-over-cooking that I used to have with my mother

There are times
when the view of Om Jito playing with Kaka makes me wonder how it would look like if only my father had the chance to experience it

There are times
when I think akad nikah is a moment of unbearable

There are times
when a moment of alone in house brings a big hole in my heart

There are times
when I wish I can ask God
"why me?"
"why us?"
"wy can't You give us more time?"

Just let me weap once in a while

It is not that I am not gratefull for what I have today

It is not that I questioned God's decision for us

The little weak soul of me just need to weap once in a while

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