30 Januari 2015

I grew up watching Doraemon every Sunday morning on television. Not because I am a fan of Doraemon or Nobita, but simply because they were not many option back then. I personally find it annoying that Nobita keep on nagging Doraemon, telling how Giant and Suneo bullied him. Instead of giving Nobita tools after tools every day, I think what Doraemon should have done is to register Nobita in a self-confidence training, or ask him to read self-development books. Ha ha ha.

As predicted, there are only few of Doraemon’s tools stays on my mind these days: the ‘Anywhere’ door (Pintu ke mana saja), the Take-copter (Baling-baling bambu), and the Memory Bread (Roti Memori). None of these tools satisfies me. So I need to do some research online.

At first, I found the top 7 list of Doraemon’s tools. I am not surprised to see that the 3 tools I mentioned earlier are on the list. Not satisfied, I continue my research and landed on this page. I went through the list and finally decided to grab:

The Special Purse.

It looks like a purse but you can pick up things from other places.

Other web calls it Convenience purse.

Every time I go out of the house, I carry a bag. The size varies from medium to large. Inside the bag, there are a wallet (with money, ID, cards), cellphone, glasses, tissue, hand sanitizer, house key, and praying cloth (mukena). I never measure the exact weight but it is quite heavy for me. Even though I have been used with the load, my husband often offers me to leave the ‘unnecessary’ items in the car.

“But, everything is necessary darling!” I usually replied.

I envy my husband. He can put his wallet and cellphone on his pocket and walk freely. I will never be able to do that, unless Doraemon lends me his Special purse. With the Special purse, I can pick up any things I need, even if it is in other places. I can leave my wallet at home and pick it up when I need to pay something. I can leave my cellphone at home and pick it up when I need to make a phone call or check on a message. I can leave my praying cloth and pick it up when I arrive at the mosque. I can cook and put it on the dining table at home and later pick it up and eat it when I am hungry. All while only carrying a small (but) Special purse.

How convenient.

Although I haven’t watch the full episode on youtube where this tools appears, the picture shows that it can even pick up a person. It was Giant and Suneo in the picture right? It might be inconvenient for the person whom I picked out, hahaha. The purse will gives a true meaning of the word:

I will PICK YOU UP at seven, OK?!

Ha ha ha.

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  1. menur says:

    I agree with you mbak, why women always bring everything in her bag? I can't just have a purse in my bag, since I always think "who knows": who knows i'm thirsty (so i bring a bottle), who knows i need to touch up (so i bring a lipstick), etc etc. It doesn't include baby stuff and my husband's wallet T.T

  2. Hahahahaha. I forgot about this one. A very convenient tool. I don't need to bring anything using this purse. Good one Mba.

  3. @Menur.
    I feel you Menur, I feel the same way with you hahaha

    What did you usually bring Dani? :D

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