25 Januari 2015

Siemens M35i
My first cell phone, bought second handed from a good friend. The most memorable use of this gadget was those “3 second call”. Around 2002, when I use this cell phone, the rumour was operator charged us on the 4th second. It means, if we cut the connection on the 3rd second, it will be free of charge. My friend and I use this method to communicate. We said one word then hang up, in turns. Strange on the beginning, but we finally get used to it. Ha ha ha.

Sony Ericsson K500i 
My brand new cell phone bought directly after I received the payment from my side job. This is my first camera phone. When selfie was not even a word, I already took many self-pictures with this phone.

Phillips Xenium 9@9t
This phone was my (then boyfriend, now) husband’s choice. I can’t remember why he chose this type but I remember liking the touchscreen (plus stylus that reads my handwriting) and the super sweet sound it makes when it plays music. I put some songs inside, supported by its external memory (mini SD, if I’m not mistaken).

Samsung B2100
A waterproof plus dust-proof plus shock-proof cell phone. My friends laugh when they see what my husband choose for me. “You must have dropped your cell phone regularly, don’t you?” they asked me. I believe this was the reason he chose this type for me. Although on my defence, none of my old cell phone was damaged when I ‘retire’ them.

Sony Ericsson Experia Arc
I finally have ‘high tech phone’. It was funny how this phone came to my possession. Sometime around 2011, my husband finally retired his old low tech phone and search for a phone that is ‘smart enough’ to fulfil his need. It was his first smartphone, a Samsung Nexus (I cannot remember the exact type and too lazy to go downstairs to check). By the time he bought his smartphone, I was still using my shock-proof phone. However, he let me use his phone to browse, chat, and other online purposes. Maybe out of guilt, or out of annoyance (because I occupied his phone most of time), or out of love (oh love...) he then decided to buy me a smartphone too. For me, this is the smartest phone I ever have. Remember the predecessors? I am fully satisfied with this phone and still using it until now.

Wow, it is already this long and I just talk about phone? But I still want to mention my camera; or my (office) laptops. Well, maybe some other time.

Pictures were borrowed from these links. SiemensSE, Phillips, Samsung, another SE.

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