11 Februari 2015

I have been blogging for 9 years now. Most of my posts are in Bahasa Indonesia. I did not have enough confidence to write post in English. I was certain that I would make plenty of mistakes and caused headache for those who read my blog. That was me being judgmental, because I did had headache reading English posts from those whom I think did not have enough English writing skill. Not only judgmental, I was also arrogant at the same time. I mean, who am I to judge that they did not have enough English writing skill? I learnt English through ordinary school lesson, never attended additional course. LIA, EF, ILP were only few meters away from my house but budget was so many kilometers away from my parents pocket. I bought English novel during exhibition so that I got cheap price. I switched to English subtitles most of time trying to synchronize what I heard and how it was written. I managed to make myself comfortable reading and listening English. But writing? That is another issue. Writing requires a whole skill of grammar which I didn’t think I had.

Additional information for those who just knew me, from 2006 to 2013 I worked for a french NGO and then a German cooperation. My direct manager was British and Deutsch. All communications, verbal and writing, were done in English. They did understand Bahasa Indonesia, but only willing to use it for informal chat. Not once that they complaint on my English speaking ‘skill’. I was certain that it was not because I have excellent skill, but because they understand that I and the rest of national staff was not native speaker. The job also made me write reports in English. Editor was hired to check on the grammatical content. Finally, I convince myself that I CAN write in English. But I still need ‘theoretical’ knowledge. I need to learn, but where?

On early January, Dani announced about BEC on his blog. I did not join immediately. It was after the second week that I decided to join thechallenge and the group. I force myself to write in English on weekly basis, and prepare myself for criticism. I am ready to learn.

This is my third post for BEC. Every time I wrote EF posts, I read and re-read them many time. Backspace was used very often. I used my husband’s old laptop to type because I need the word check and dictionary at the same time. The posts require more energy than my regular posts. But it is OK. Learning requires energy, right? I learn to write slowly, to check and re-check my content. Typo can be avoided and links can be provide, are some of the reasons I like to use laptop to blog than cell phone or tablets.

Although I join late, I was lucky to be able to join the Whatsapp group. The member has reached 100 so I believe they cannot add new member for the group.

As for how the group was organized, I do not have any complain for now. The admins and the mentors have been very help full, considering that this is all voluntarily. I am not sure that the Whatsapp group is the best way to discuss/review blog content. I would suggest putting the edited version of the weekly volunteer blog in a special page. Not merely to point out mistakes, but to see better what was the right thing. In a page (website) strikethrough can be used for corrections, different colors can be used to mark special topic. Very much like ‘track changes’ function on Microsoft Word. I would also suggest checking progress after several weeks, comparing the number of mistakes in a post after several weeks of ‘learning’.

All in all, I think this is a great initiative and I am very glad that I joined.

Thank you Admins.
Thank you Mentors.
Thank you Members.

What about the picture, you may ask? That my friend, is the proof of my existence in the Tsunami Early Warning field. This is the page where you can see me. I am sorry this is a bit out of topic. Hi hi hi.

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