22 Februari 2015

Tabanan, Bali, 2012. Two hour drive from Denpasar, we arrived on the mountain side of the island. It was cold and windy. I couldn’t remember the name of the hotel. I was there for one of the training conducted by my office. We arrived around 7pm, so we could only hear the sound of wind and sometime car or motorbike passing through the main road. The place was so quiet.

Being a true city girl, the four of us asked for directions to the nearest minimarket. We plan to buy some snacks. “It’s not far. About 300 meter that way” said the front office staff. Yes, it’s not far. But she did not mention that it was uphill. We almost gave up on the first 100 meter, but we remembered that we need our dinner as well. “There is a market with some food vendors not far from the minimarket”, she added. We passed by the minimarket and decided that dinner was more urgent. Sate and soto was our dinner that night. As planned, we stop by on the minimarket on our ways down. Snack supplies were safe. We walk downhill. “This should be easy. Full stomach, downhill, plenty of snacks, I will arrive in my room in several minutes. I will take a shower, make a cup of tea and enjoy the rest of the night behind the blanket”, my mind wandered.
Just 5 meter from the hotel gate, I slipped. I blame the different height of the road and the sidewalk. My right ankle landed on the border of the two. I continue my journey to the hotel. I made it to the lobby and my friend asked for iced cubes. The pain started to appear. I still had to continue my walk to my room. As the room located below the lobby, I need to walk several stairs down. No, there was no elevator.

I spent the rest of the 7 days training with my feet on bandage. I walked limped. But I survived.

This is the view from the restaurant, where we had our breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The photo was taken on lunch time. Such a beautiful view, don’t you agree? It made me forget my swollen ankle for a while. I ate my lunch fast so that I still have some minutes to wonder on the view.

When will my ankle be healed?

What did the participants think about the training?

Will I have enough cloth for the next training?

Will I still be limping in Jogja?

Why did I agree on back-to-back training like this?

Why did I agree to be a trainer?

What did my boss see in me that I did not realize?

“Time to start”, my friend came approaching. I walked back to the room. Still limping.

This is my post for EF#7. I still owe the 6th challenge, which apparently is more difficult than I imagine.

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  1. sja2015 says:

    Cieee. (Gak bs komen Inggris ). Ini training yg ketemu si itu kannnnn.

  2. sja2015 says:

    Tulis dong yang itu

  3. Bali always enchanting ya Mba ;)

  4. R_Ming24 says:

    The view is awesome Mba. I think it is worth it to walk and see that kind of view.

  5. @Nia.
    It always is, Nia :)

    It surely worth my limping walk :D

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