18 Maret 2015

I remember being in junior high school, early morning on one of school days, having my choice of breakfast: Mi goreng (fried noodle) or Mi kuah (noodle in a broth). All in the variety of the #1 instant noodle brand in the country, the one that starts with I and end with e. Indomie. The stock in our kitchen varies between these 3 items: Mi goreng, Mi rasa special, Mi rasa soto. I usually eat the noodle as it is, while my brother added egg on it. Later on, mu mother invented the fried egg+noodle. This was long before anyone call it Pizza Mi ort Omelette Mi. In our house we simply call it Dadar Mi.

Pictures of Indomie were taken from this website.

Several years later, the negative campaign for instant noodle was started. The preservative, the coloring, the cancer risk, all made me limit my consumption to instant noodle. But my love for noodle, has not disappeared. I evolve to non-instant fried noodle. You know, the one that requires you to blend all the spices together, boil the noodle, and then heat up the wok and mixed them all together along with egg, meatball, cabbage, sawi. The Mi tek tek.

There was this one Mi tek tek seller. He was known as Mas Doyok. I know him as Mas Yanto. People said his original name is Nasir. Oh the complicated life. He used a cart to sell his products. My Father convinced him to open up a tent just outside our house complex. So he did. After that, he refused to take money from any of our family member whenever we bought his products. My family thought that this might reduce his income and we couldn’t let that happen. While in the same time we cannot avoid buying from him. So my mother, again, invented this new way of transaction. We came to his tent, brought our own stocks of noodle (or rice), meatballs, egg, sausages, vegetables, and ask him to cook them for us. Off course he still has expenses in the form of spices, oil, gas, but we thought that this is better than the original scheme.

If it was up to me, my choice is almost noodle. This is where I realize that it was the noodle that I like. Not the instant noodle, not Mas Doyok’s fried noodle, jsust the fried noodle. Any fried noodle. I expand my taste of noodle with Mi Aceh (which has relatively spicy taste), Mi Goreng Jawa (which has little amount of broth, even in the form of ‘fried’), and Mi Goreng Chinese food (which I like the most).

As a proud housewife, I have successfully cook my own fried noodle in our kicthen. The recipe was taken from one of my favourite cooking blog: Mbak Endang’s Just Try and Taste. It has secret ingredient that you won’t find in Mi tek tek seller. Can you guess what the secret ingredient without opening the recipe link?

This post is for EF 10 What is your favourite indonesian food

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  1. And your post makes me drooling. Sigh. But I gotta stick to my fruit only breakfast. Hard. Hahaha.

  2. Indomie...gleekkk...


  3. @Dani.
    Wih FC nih ye


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