02 Maret 2015

Dearest Erma,

Congratulations for your graduation. The 9 semester was not an easy road for you. Yet you survived, and come out alive. You should be proud of yourself. Do not feel sad for the extra 1 semester. Do not feel sad for the failure to graduate cum laude. Everything happens for a reason.

Dearest Erma,

You are entering a new chapter of life; the work chapter. Compose a good cover letter and curriculum vitae, and apply to all your dream company. Inject yourself with self-esteem and convince yourself that you are as good as everyone else. Do not hesitate to apply to A-list Company just because you don’t think you are good enough. Because Erma, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.

Dearest Erma,

Build a solid relationship with your brother. Talk to each other a lot. Share your worries and dreams. Every time you miss your parents, remember that he might feel the same way. Every time you feel that God was unfair and took your parents too fast, remember that he might feel the same way. You two need to look after each other. It may seem impossible, but the two of you will survive. Everything happens for a reason.

Dearest Erma,

Dream big. Write down your dream. Put it somewhere you can see, don’t hide it. Remind yourself again and again, that everything is possible. You want a big house with personal library, go visualize it. You want your own car to drive Madam and Om Jito everywhere they want, go visualize it. You want a healthy body, go visualize it. You want a trip to the Holy Land, go visualize it.

Dearest Erma,

Allocate your time to visit your parent’s friend, starts with the closest. You often wondered what can you do for your parent, right? This is one of the things. It may feel heavy at the beginning, with them remind you of something you no longer have, but force yourself to keep doing it. You do want to do something for your parent, right?

Dearest Erma,

Discipline yourself with your praying time. Do it early. Do not procrastinate.

Dearest Erma,

I will end this letter with a picture. Sometime next year, you will meet these people. You will have a real ‘interview in English’ with them and they will decide to take you in their team. You will stay with them for only 3 months, and they will bid you a farewell as you landed yourself in a better job. One of the people on the picture will say “I believe that I will see you again in this building”. And guess what, you WILL come back to them 1.5 years later. Everything happen for a reason.

With love, 

This is the 8th Weekly Challenge from BEC. I still missed out the 6th Challenge.

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  1. sja2015 says:

    9 semester apaan ma? Btw ini nyuratin diri sendiri ya..... Meski gak tau semua artinya tapi kayaknya ada yg ditulis penuh perasaan tuh hik hik hik

  2. baca dong link nya :p
    Iya kan lulusnya 4,5 tahun = 9 semester dong *dijelasin*

  3. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
  4. Gak ada tombol Like ya? Pengen banget ngelike post ini...

    Bacanya jadi terharu banget, terutama di bagian ttg orangtua..wow..you're a tough girl!

  5. tyas says:

    *elap air mata*
    *peluk erma*

  6. @Alissa.
    Ahem.. Gak juga kok Lisa, menye-menye nya juga banyak kok :)

    *Kirim pelukan lintas pulau*

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