07 Maret 2015

On the early stage of my blogging years, I limit myself to read only few blog. There was no google reader, feedly, and other reader application. I read blog by typing the url link manually. With the internet connection only available at the office, I did not do much blogwalking. However, once I found interesting blog, I usually read it back to back, making myself an invisible stalker. If I think the writer is friendly, I left comment in some of his/her post. Then, they usually left in mine too. When we share similar interest in each other blog, usually the comment appeared in every post.

This happened with Ira’s blog. Years ago, I did not find many stories about kids and family in her blog. I found it a bit odd, because most people (that time) filled their blog with stories about their kids. “I want to be known also as myself, Ira, not only as A’s (her husband’s name) wife or N’s (her son’s name) mother”. After several years (yes, years) of exchanging comments, I finally met her and her family in Bandung . Warung Pasta was the location. We talked for several hours. We still keep in touch. We met several other times in Jakarta because she now works in Jakarta, although even after these years, we have not been able to visit each other houses. The time will come, right, Ira?

Visit Ira's Blog here

More or less similar story happened with my friend Tyas. I met her blog in multiply years ago. I happened to have plenty of time (despite the fact that I was working full time then) and manage 2 personal blogs simultaneously. On multiply life, I found her blog interesting. I can’t describe the exact point as multiply was dead years ago. Again, after years of exchanging comments, she shared her wedding plan in her blog. I did not what come into my senses when I said that I would love to come to Solo for her wedding. She lived in Makasar by the way. I have not even met her in person. She personally delivered her wedding invitation to me, in Burger King Grand Indonesia. I worked at the building connected with that shopping mall. We talked and talked and talked until my extended, flexible, lunch time was over. I managed to ‘invite’ my best friend Rini (who is originally from Makasar) to took a 4 days holiday to Jogja and Solo. It was funny to think that out next meet was on my wedding day. Fortunately, we made it to visit each other on each of Tyas’, mine, and Rini’s wedding day.

Visit Tyas' blog here

Writing this post for BEC 9th Challenge, I realize that I am not a ‘photo’ person. We did not make any picture during any of those meet-up. But it was OK. The memory stays in the heart, right friends?

*edited on March 18th 2015

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  1. monda says:

    hi, Erma salam kenal ya
    This is my first visit to your blog, although we are in the same club, BEC
    very interesting you came to Jogja to attend your blogger friend wedding,
    I came to Bukittinggi too for the same purpose, but I have known her before in a kopdar

  2. R_Ming24 says:

    Hi Erma. Interesting. When we do share some common interest the comment will appears. So true.

    Btw Mba, Ira's blog no longer registered? Coz "blog tidak terdaftar"

  3. Ermaaa... you spell my link wrong. Capcaibakakar? Sound like ayam bakakak.. hahaha. Btw thank you.... you also one of my bestfriend that i got from blog. and i am amaze you still remember the reason why i was rarely write about a and n.

  4. tyas says:

    Akuuuhhh terhuraaaa, huhuhuhu. Lop yu, ermaaa.

    Btw kamuh postingannya kok ya pas bgt sih sama wedding anniversaryku yang ke 6, hihihi

  5. @Monda.
    Hai Monda. Thank you for the visit. I must admit that because it was the mix between holiday and wedding party that made me came to Jogja and Solo.

    My mistake. It should have been www.capcaibakar.blogspot.com Thank you for reminding, I have revise the url link btw Ira herself has make her apperance in comment right after your comment hehehe. What should I call you btw?

    Hahaha.. Kebetulan aja jeng. Gak terlalu ingat tanggalnya (ya eyalah anniversary orang getoh). Aku sih nunggu kapan namaku muncul di blogmu *pamrih bener*

  6. @Ira.
    Ya amplop kok malah lupa balas kamyu. Sungkem ah.. Ish payah nih kemampuan ketik-editku, padahal uda nulis dari laptop tuh. Btw aku aslinya mu pasang link ke postingan mirip artis itu..inget ga? Yang pertama kali kita saling komen *oh nostalgia*. Tapi ga jadi karena:
    1. Ga nemu posting (nasib suka ngawur bikin judul jadi pusing sama archive sendiri)
    2. Puyeng mikir kata-katanya dalam bahasa Inggris (nasib penulis abal-abal)

  7. We haven't met yet! Though we are neighbors I guess we have our own schedule ya Mbak. Hihihi.

  8. Ah iya... Blogger tetangga ahahahaha

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