16 April 2015

As far as I remember, public transportation was always my way of moving from one place to another.

As a kid, angkot (small minivan carries up to 14 passenger) and bus were my best friends. There were always problems with traffic, heat, pollution, and pickpocket, but I can proudly say that I lived with them just fine. I even survived commuting 2 hours from Bintaro to Depok daily, and vice versa for 4,5 years. It was tiresome, but doable.

Worked in Central Jakarta introduced me with another type of public transportation, the Transjakarta bus, or TJ for short. I did not mind standing in TJ because the traffic was quite minimal. It also helped that my work enabled me to move my working hour around 2 hours. It means that I could left my house around 8am and arrived at the office around 9.30 am. It also meant that I left the office at 7.30 pm at earliest. The peak hour for traffic in the morning and afternoon were not my problem.

When my office moved all the way to Kemayoran, I tried another type of transportation: The train. It was still a 2 hour journey one way, some of it spent in the train station waiting for the scheduled arrival. As long as I escaped the peak hour, I bear the time and the distance just fine. You see the spacious seat on the picture above? That is why I enjoyed escaping the peak hour.

On contrary, my husband is a person who has minimum experience with public transportation. Motorcycle is his best friend. When we travel together, this black motorcycle was our best friend, through the wind and the rain. One of the most memorable journeys for me by motorcycle was Jakarta-Bandung via Puncak, The original plan was he and his 2 friends drove their motorcycle in convoy mode while I was asked to use travel minibus. I refused the offer as I never experience long journey n motorcycle before, so this was my chance. My brother always brags on how he drove Jakarta-Bali-Jakarta by motorcycle with his friends, so I did not want to lose. I know, Bandung is nothing to compare with Bali, right? But it is still better than nothing. I finally join the 7 hour journey (include breakfast, lunch, Jumat prayer, toilet breaks). Oh my god, it was so tiring. I was happily taking the travel minibus for the trip back home. The picture was taken on the breakfast location, the meeting point. Dunkin Donut LA (Lenteng Agung friends, not Los Angeles).

I am now building my courage to drive a car. I have taken a course, but have not got my driving license. I can assure you, I can drive. To the supermarket 2 km away from our home, I can. Meanwhile, husband is still available to drive me everywhere. In my opinion, passenger seat is the best seat.

I can proudly say that I have experience every mode of transportation available.

This is my late post for EF 12 Challenge.

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  1. Terima Kasih ATas infonya, bermamfaat dan menambah wawasan.....
    Salam Kenal Dan Salam Sukses.....

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