13 April 2015

I joined a German Indonesian Cooperation for Tsunami Early Warning System on 2006, only to bid my farewell 4 months later. Destiny is sometime funny, because I made my comeback to the exact job 15 months afterward. One of the first comments from my boss was “wow, you gained extra weight”. I did felt and saw the extra weight, but I never knew the exact number.

Using a free pass from a friend, I came to a gym near my office. As a potential member, the gym offered me a full body check for weight; body mass, body fat etc. I agreed and found out that my weight was 59 kg. The last weight that I remembered was 47 kg on 2000. So, I gained 12 kg in 8 years. To be honest, I blamed the last 2 years for the extra weight, as I was so sure that I was still ‘skinny’ on my graduation day on 2005.

The scary 59 kg made me sign up to a gym. The membership fee was quite expensive for my standard, around 10% of my salary. I figure that I would be motivated to exercise regularly because I would not want to pay and got nothing. One of my favourite sessions on the gym was Body Balance class. It was a mix of Yoga and Aerobic, by my own definition. For a year membership, I did not achieve my own target of weight loss. Shamelessly, I stayed on the exact weight with the day I joined the gym. I consoled myself by saying that statistically I did loss 1,5 kg because on ‘normal’ lifestyle my weight increase 1,5 kg annually.

I claimed the result of those Body Balance classes on one of Outbond session conducted by my office. I was one of the people asked to climb a pole which stand on water, held by 5 people each holding rope tied to the pole. See the picture for better visualisation.

I was expected to climb to the top of the pole, stand upright, and then jump while trying to hit the ball hanging 50 cm above my head. I hesitated at first. Unable to swim, the idea of climbing a pole, jump half meter up and fall 3 meter down to a pool seem scary for me. But my friends convinced me. “The pool is not deep, you’ll be wearing a life jacket you definitely will not be drowned”, they said.

So I climbed.

I was so sure that I would not be able to touch the ball. And I did not. But it was okay for me, after all this was just a game. I remembered standing upright on the top of the pole, breathing for 5 seconds, before taking a jump. A friend commented that I seem so...balanced up there.

I guess all those Body Balance classes paid off.

This is my post for EF 13 Challenge. I very late one, by I am catching up.

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  1. May I know? While having those activities on the gym, did u have a good rest? How about the food which you consume everyday?

  2. No no no... Nge-gym nya suka-suka gitu jadwalnya Ajeng, makan juga gak dijaga, frekuensi olahraga nya juga ngawur gitu, jadi kalau aku sih gak heran dengan hasil yang (ehm) minimalis itu *tutup muka

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