11 April 2015

My sweet niece named Mi is a fan of Princess, any kind of character that wears long and pretty dress. Mi is 2 years old. She met her first Princess in my home, on a blanket. It was one of my wedding gifts. Snow White and Cinderella are there. She yelled “Princess” when she saw the blanket for the first time. Ever since, she keeps on asking the Princess blanket every time she (and her family) spent the night at our place.

The picture is borrowed from this site.

Around 4 months ago, my brother in law (Mi’s father) moved his family to their new house. It is a brand new house. The children (there are 3 of them) got to choose their own curtain for their room. Off course, Mi chose Princess character, a bright ink curtain with Snow White, Cinderella, Elsa, and Anna.

One day when we spent the night at theoir house, Mi said “nonton Lego” (Lets watch Lego) one morning. I thought she meant The Lego Movie. Her mother explained to me that Mi meant to say “Let it go”. Yes, the Frozen Fever happened in their house as well. The movie was played every single morning at their house. Lucky for Mi, Princess is an easy character to find in almost every item. She now enjoy many Princess items from her grandparents, aunts, and parent in the form of dress, shirt, bag, or books.

Let see how long it takes until she find another favourite.

This is my post for EF 14 Challenge. As I am not a fan of cartoon character, I decide to write on behalf of my niece. I missed several challenge, but I intend to catch them up all, so you may find past challenges posted after this post. Please bear with me friends.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Your niece is very girly Mba Emma :)

  2. Hohoho... Tapi kelakuannya kayak preman Nia... Maksudnya suka lari sana-sini, loncat sana-sini :)

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