23 Mei 2015

One afternoon, I decide to walk from the train station to my house. The distance was 1,8 km. I walked slowly, enjoying a good afternoon. The 1.5km distance was on the main road. There were no Angkot for quite some time (which was my reason for that afternoon walk) but many cars, trucks, and motorcycles passed by. I developed a sense of ignorance to my surrounding. I believe that if I make myself look certain and not lost, less danger will come upon me. I suppose bad people mark their victims by assessing their expression. The confused, lost, clueless, kind of people will make an easy mark.

For women who walk alone, my little tips for you: act like you know where you are going, even when you are in doubt or half lost. If you think you need to call someone of text someone to ask for directions, better to do that in advance.

Back to my afternoon walk, I sense some confusion on people who were driving pass me. Some motorcyclist looked around in silence, while some other mumbles “sendiri neng?” (are you alone?). I answered “no, there is one invisible bodyguard just next to me”, off course in silent. In real life I just pretend that I did not hear them. I keep my silence.

I realize that I did this not only when I feel that something was bothering me, but also when I was on the conversation where I could not develop a good and solid advice to the one I talked to. For example, a friend told a story of his/her life. I usually nod and answer “hm” or “oo” in a flat voice while I develop my silent response to the story. My silent answer could go on and on and on even after the conversation itself has ended. You can imagine that like our soap opera scene where the actor or actress talk loudly in their head while furrowing their brow, grinning or squinting their eyes. Only I did that with flat face.

I will make myself a good actress, won’t I?

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Another super late post for EF. I am catching up friends, don't kick me out just yet.

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  1. I can imagine what was going in your mind. Exactly as what happened to me. But nowadays, I was surprised when I heard myself saying what was in my mind out lout. Hahahaha.

  2. I did say it out loud Dan, later when I am all alone hehehe

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