01 Juni 2015

I never consider myself fashionable. I wear what is comfortable for my body and my eyes. I need to like what I see when I look myself in the mirror. Most of the time I feel that picture of me in full body will make my overweight body looks too obvious. Those who connected with me in social media will most likely never see me showing what I wear daily, or mention the brand, or where to buy. You know, the typical OOTD post. But BEC requires me to describe my OOTD, so here is my contribution to the challenge.

With my reasoning on the previous paragraph, I cannot find a picture of myself posing in an OOTD style. Take a special picture for this post? Again, I am not comfortable doing so. But, what is an OOTD post without a full body picture? So I browsed through my online archive trying to find a suitable picture for this post and stumble upon this photo taken almost 5 years ago. So, this is not an outfit of the day friends, it is an outfit of THAT day. Forgive my creativity will you?

Somewhere on Jalan Juanda, Depok

Instant hijab - unbranded
Glasses - Max Mara
Helmet - unbranded, bought on Rodalink
Blouse - batik, bought on Beringharjo
Pants - unbranded, bought on ITC Kuningan
Shoes - Puma
Bicycle - Dahon Eco3

See, I told you not much can be describe out of my outfit that day. However, I have plenty to tell about what happen that day.

It was one fine Sunday where I, my husband, and his 2 friends decided that we want to cycle around. While my husband and I lived in Bintaro, his friend lived in Setiabudi (but has previously parked his bicycle in our house) and the other friend lived in Cipete. Three of us cycled to Citos and met with the one lives in Cipete. We continue our journey and aim for UI Depok for destination. Halfway to UI, we thought that the route was too easy for us, as we have done this before. So we need a change of plan. After a discussion on one of the minimarket, we switched our destination to Sentul.

Why Sentul, you asked?

My husband read that there was an uphill track in Bukit Pancar. He was planning to cycle uphill to Puncak and thought that this could be a good exercise. I am not a fan of uphill track but he convince me that once we arrived at the start of the uphill track, I could stop and took a rest with a cup of coffee or fried banana while he does the uphill track with his friend. That, I agreed.

The journey itself was crazy and traumatizing for me. Not because of some incident, but was completely because of the long journey of cycling. If any of you want to imagine, I started in Bintaro, goes all the way TB Simatupang, Lenteng Agung, Margonda, Jl Juanda Depok, Jl Raya Bogor, Jl alternatif Sentul and took a lunch in one of Sate restaurant somewhere in Sentul Sirkuit. It was around 44 Kilometre in distance (I measure it on google maps to complete this post).

Jalan Alternatif Cibubur

During our lunch, we figured that Bukit Pancar was still quite far. The men gave up on Bukit Pancar and we agreed that the next destination should be HOME. I couldn't remember whose ideas it was, but we thought that taking an exact route to go back home was too tiring. So we aim for Bogor station and took our bicycle into the train, stop at Tanjung Barat station then continue our cycle to home. Theoretically, the distance to Bogor station was only 14 kilometres.

When we asked for direction from local people, the answer was quite simple: just follow this track and you'll arrive in Bogor City, it will be easy to find the station from there. So we happily cycled. He left out crucial information about the track. It was going up.. and down... and up again.. and down again. Oh my. About 5 kilometre from our starting point, I gave up. At most of the uphill, I walk with my bicycle, and the 3 men will have to lower the speed to bear with me. I suggested to fold our bike, stop an angkot (yes, the route has angkot in it) and put them inside. The angkot should take us to Bogor station. It seemed like a brilliant idea, but one of the men was on mountain bike, not foldable. It was decided then that I am taking an Angkot with one of the men, my husband continue cycling with one other man, the mountain bike men. Oh how relieved I am then, finally resting my feet.

The road from Sentul to Bogor

Long story short, we took the route as planned and finally reach Bintaro at around 7 pm.

Writing the story reminds me how I miss cycling. I think I will clean up my bike and cycle around.

I have made the draft since April but apparently by that time, blogger played me, it was difficult to upload a picture. I just realize that I missed this challenge as I browse through my archive and try to complete all the remaining challenge.

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