24 Juni 2015

Here’s my little secret, I don’t do holidays. Really, I don’t. My last work took me to some places considered as holiday destination: Bali, Jogja, Senggigi, Gili Trawangan, even Kota Sabang. Some people call it work plus holiday, I called it simply work. It was not holiday if you stay awake past midnight to prepare for some presentation or session or training, was it? But, how can life be interesting if you don’t have some memory to be called holiday? So, let me think for a while.

Okay, I found one.

One of my dearest friends (let’s call her Rin, for short) was originated from Makasar, South Sulawesi. She moved to Jakarta when she got accepted in the same faculty with me, in THAT yellow jacket campus. Yes, you know who you are, dear *smile*. When one of our classmate (let’s call her Fit) got married in Surabaya, we (along with some other classmates) took a trip attend the wedding. Mind you, we were just graduated, just started working, so the ticket fare was quite a big spending for us.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my family was from East Java, so my trip to Surabaya can also be called mudik as I got the chance to stop by in my family’s house. For my dear friend Rin, the trip was only for that wedding. There were about 10 people came from Jakarta for that wedding, if I’m not mistaken.

On the Akad Nikah session, we whispered “Fit has some obligation to attend all of these 10 people wedding in the future, where ever it might be held”. You know, the pay back.

“Including yours, in Makasar”, I added.

Then Rin asked me, “will you go to Makasar for my wedding, when it happen?”.

“Off course I will”, my reply came fast, convincing. “Just give me around 6 months’ notice ahead will you, so I can start saving for ticket fare”, I requested. She laughed and promised to do so.

(Picture was borrowed from this site)

I did plan to go to Makasar, if and when she got married in her hometown. There must be some pretty places and good food to be explored in the city. I made a mental note to find someone to accompany me. It could not be my husband (still boyfriend, by that time) because logistical arrangement would be complicated. I should convince our other single-female-classmate to go together.

Time goes by and I got married first. I mentioned to my husband that we might have an opportunity to go to Makasar, for a holiday, mixed with Rin’s wedding, someday. He agreed.

But as fate has it, Rin found her soul mate and got married in Jakarta, our lovely city. There is no need for plane ticket, hotel accommodation, or special budget. My money was save, but it also means that my Makasar trip is off the list.

Tell me, can this be considered as failed holiday?

This is my submission for EF#22 Challenge.

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