22 Juni 2015

My parents were born in East Java. My father was from Porong (which was now famous for its ‘mud) and my mother was from Krembung, both in Sidoarjo District. My father has moved to Jakarta 10 years before I was born, my mother joined him after they got married. I was born and lived in Jakarta for all my life. Therefore, with some hesitant I would answer “East Java” for every question about my hometown.

This year, my uncle (my mother’s youngest brother) offered to joined him for mudik trip by car; his car to be precise. I asked my husband for the permission and he gave me the green light. So, the three of us (my uncle, my brother, and me) will be on the road for Mudik lebaran this year.

But where is my husband, you may asked? He will be spending the lebaran here in Jakarta, with his parents off course. Please don’t comment on the “why” and “how” and lets just focus on what I prepare for this Mudik trip.

Three years ago, I went for Mudik lebaran by car and made a promise to myself that I would never ever do that again. It was 36 hours on the road. That was sahur, buka, and sahur on the road. I believe the normal duration should be around 14 hours. But this year I changed my mind. I realize that it was my obligation to keep the relationship with my family. As they live quite faraway, it requires special time and budget to pay them a visit. I see my uncle’s offer to join him in the trip this year as an opportunity to ease me to fulfill my obligation. I surely hope that the journey time would be shorter this time. Let’s hope.

What should I prepare? Not much I think. The last time I did the mudik trip, I spent most of the time sleeping. I was running out of battery on my cell and did not have power bank back then, so no online activity. I brought book intended to be read on the road, but it finished quite fast. This time, I might prepare a paper note to scribble down anything comes in my head.

As for my family in my hometown, I planned to bring some ‘gift’ to my aunties and hopefully for my cousins as well. I cannot reveal what it is now as I haven’t made any progress on the preparation. Still keeping the optimism that it will be ready on time though, finger crossed.

For my husband whom I left at home for about a week, I might need to keep some frozen food available in our fridge. Homemade chicken nugget sounds good. But I still haven’t figure it out what other menu available on frozen mode.

The most important preparation I need to have is an open heart: to enjoy the trip as my opportunity to visit my family; to be grate full for the time available to do the trip, to be grate full for another Ramadhan Allah gave me, to be always grate full for every big and little things I have in life.

This post is my submission for EF#23 Challenge.

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  1. May you have a great Mudik Mbak Erma.
    A friend of mine also experienced the long hours using car for Mudik.

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